For Your Prayer Room

Incense x 10 pack

Natural Herbal hand rolled Incense sticks.


Natural Incense Sticks (Rose)

Available in other fragrances


Rudraksha Rosary meditation 27 Beads

Rudraksha Meditation Rosary Small 27 Beads, can be word on a wrist to energize the body, mind and soul.


Steel Meditation Simran Rosary 18 Beads

Small compact 18 Beads Stainless Steel Rosary Simran, four turns make the 108


Tulsi 108 Rosary Mala Meditation Rosary

PREMIUM QUALITY TULSI Rosary Tulsi wood, which is in the family of basil, is the most sacred of all wood in the Indian tradition


Hematite Rosary Wristlet

Emotional Health. Hematite is known as the "stress stone,"