Health & Wellbeing

Yoga for Backache Relief

Backache is one of the most dangerous yet ignored disorder that we face today.


Yoga for Young Mothers

Let's Begin the journey towards a new wonderful you.


Yoga to Banish Backache

Yoga to Banish backache familiarises


Yoga & Meditation for all Ages

The right Yoga, practised correctly from the begining can prevent almost major illnesses.


Yoga for Busy People

Yoga for busy people is a user friendly book


An Introduction to Yoga

This Book is a collection of four of Annie Besant delivered in 37 parts, at Benaras The topics included cover a broad range in the realm of spiritualism. The readers of any grade or stage may find in this book , the solution to their problems.


Health & Beauty through Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy has been used with near miraculous results


Aromatherapy: An Introduction, Essential Oils and their Therapeutic Uses

Aromatherapy has been used with near miraculous result since ancient times to heal both the body and the mind by the application of essential oils or the prana



A compact handbook on daily beauty philosophical tips


Herbal Beauty Guide

The skin is the outer covering of the body


Aloe Vera

A wonderful plant, full of natural medicinal properties



A miraculous plant-full of medicinal properties known across the world



Uses & medicinal properties of the herbal wonder



A Complete Health Tonic Blood Purifier



A Medical Tree Antiseptic Blood Purifier Mental Strength builder, Long life giver and Air purifier



A Unique Gift of Nature "Honey"