Baisakhi of the Khalsa Panth

Under the guidance of the Ten Gurus, the Sikhs continued their mental, social and spiritual progress.

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Anglo-Sikh Wars

Annals of the Sikh wars deserve close academic scrutiny for more reasons than one.


Between Colonialism and Diaspora

This book offers a bold revaluation of Sikh identity from the late eighteenth century to the early twenty-first.


Akali Movement

This work is a pioneer attempt to explain the regional roots of Indian nationalism.


Akali Politics in Punjab (1964-1985)

Akali Politics in Punjab desctirives the socio-historical background.


A History of The Sikh People (1469-1988)

This book, first published in 1979, has been brought up to date and its balance judgments and the fresh information offered.


A History of The Sikhs - 2 Volume Set

First published in 1963, this remains the most comprehensive and authoritative book o­n the Sikhs.


Amritsar - Mrs Gandhis Last Battle

On 5th June 1984 the Indian army began its attack on the complex at Amritsar.


Discovering The Sikhs

This Autobiography comprises two parts, both concerned with the authors career in Sikh Studies


A History of Sikh Misals

This work on the Sikh Misals mainly relates to the eighteenth century.