Aspects of Guru Nanak's Philosophy

The religious movement initiated by the Sikh Gurus presents a unique phenomenon in the religious history of India.


Death Demystified

As the reader goes through this book, he will find a degree of commendable research and scholarship.


Apostasy Among Sikh Youth

The dictionary meaning of the word 'apostasy' is abandonment of one's religion.


A Few Sikh Doctrines Reconsidered

This book in hand undertakes the Sikh doctrines to discuss them in a modern perspective wherein logic sentiments and catholicity of ideas are tolled in one.


A Book of Sikh Studies

In the modern age of reason and technology, people praise the achievements of Science.


An Advanced Book of Religious Studies

This book is intended to be a continuation of the textbook in Religious Studies for B.A. TDC Part I, already published.


Guru Nanak and Indian Religious Thought

In 1966, the Punjabi University instituted the Guru Nanak Commemoration Lectures.


The Sikh Way of Life

Healthy literature is the backbone of a society and the pillar of mankind.