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Eh Janam Tumhare Lekhe DVD

This is the riveting story of a rare humanist
  • Language: Panjabi
  • SKU: 9779210002975

This is the riveting story of a rare humanist whose passionate concerns gave dignity and hope to thousands of men and women.

In the annals of twentieth- century Punjab- or the whole of India for that matter- there are few who embodied the range, resoluteness and rigorous self discipline in life as Puran Singh (1904-1992) did.

A barefoot colossus who strode the century-or at least 88 years of it, he left a legacy of concern and compassion for not only India's neglected social strata, but also for the environment.

The amazing story of an extra ordinary man who overcame impossible odds to establish Pingalwara an institution based in Amritsar for the disabled, destitute, mentally challenged and hopelessly afflicted sections whose existence continues to be ignored by an indifferent and uncaring society.

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