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Turban- Fabrics.

Want to know and understand your Turban Fabric

All Turbans are made from semitransparent cotton fabrics.

Rubia, Rubia Fine, Rubia Voile, Full Voile, Mal Mal F 74 all these fabrics are fine cotton with a different weave density that enables easy tying.
Rubia a soft fabric in fine and medium thickness made with Rubia yarn, strong fabric slightly heavier than all other turban fabrics, easy tying comfortable stays firm all day long.
Voile Rubia again is another Rubia form but lighter  100% cotton with mix cotton blends giving soft texture, slightly lighter in weight and texture than Rubia

Full Voile much softer easy tying voile fabric which is lighter in weight a linen blend known to be the most common turban fabrics worn now days
Mal Mal F74,is the most thin lightweight used to be worn by starching for a firm hold, but now days is also worn unstarched, as well as the round traditional ( Damalla ).
This is the most thin and light weight Turban fabric very comfortable and normally worn in the very hot climate countries.

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