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A History of the Sikhs (2nd Edition): Volume 1 & 2 Vol Set Paperback Khushwant Singh


The indispensably reference point for a historical and sociological understanding of the Sikh tradition  These volumes are a tribute to the capacity for both a sympathetic and balanced rendition of Sikh History
Times of India

A History of the Sikhs  Volume 1 1469-1838
A History of the Sikhs (Second Editions)
Vol, 2 (Oxford India Collection  (1839-2004, Volume 2.)  Illustrated Paperback

History Sikh
Pub: Oxford
9780190128845 Box set
Yr Pub: Rep 2020
Pages: Vol 1, 407  Vol 2,  547

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History of the Sikhs compilation by Khushwant Singh  

Volume 1
This is the standard and well established book on its subject, accessible to a general non scholarly audience, while being based on scholarly archival research. Singh exhaustively covers the genesis and development of Sikhism and the Sikh community, up to the time of Maharaja Ranjit Singh.

Volume 2
First published in 1963, this remains the most comprehensive and authoritative book on the Sikhs. The new edition updated to the present recounts the return of the community to the mainstream of national life. Written in Khushwant Singh’s trademark style to be accessible to a general, non-scholarly audience, the book is based on scholarly archival research.

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