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Anand Karaj (The Sikh Marriage Ceremony)


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In the four stanzas of the Shabad of Lava composed in Suhi Rag, Guru Ram Das Ji has given a direction of Spiritual Bliss (Sahaj Anand) to the mundane affairs of the householder (grahist) . He has made this a prime route for the attainment of Complete Blissful Lord by spreading the greenery of God’s Name through Sadh Sangat (Holy Congregation). Sadh Sangat is the oneness of equipoise of the feeling of non-attachment (bairag) and elation (chau) which are derived from the Holy Fear (Nirmal Bhau) of the Guru’s word.

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ISBN: 9788178730325
No of Pages: 152
Format: Hardbound
Language: English
Publisher: N/A
Year Published: 2019

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First Name: Darshan Singh
Last Name: Khalsa


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