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Very inspirational book for new aspirants for spiritual achievement.

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The Bandgi Nama or Communion with the Divine Sardar Raghbir Singh Bir contains the spiritual and devotional thoughts of the author which were flashed to him in his midnight silent meditation.

S. Raghbir Singh was not only a poet of a high order, but a thinker and a philosopher who had personally experienced various stages of spiritual discipline while leading a life of a successful house-holder-fulfilling all the obligations towards his parents, family and children imparting them the best education-academic and cultural. Bandgi Nama originally written in Punjabi (Gurmukhi script) has been acclaimed as a veritable guide to self realization even for a new aspirant. It has been translated into English for the benefit of English-knowing seekers, who have no approach to Punjabi.

Along with the translation are published copious references from Guru Granth Sahib in Roman in support of the author’s own spiritual experiences to lend authenticity to them. The author himself started as a layman on the spiritual path, and reached a stage through various sadhnaas of spiritual discipline, from where he could reflect the vision of the Divine, for the rise of man of God-maanas te devte kiie.

Guru Nanak laid down the three principles- (i) prayer (ardas), (ii) effort (sharani), and (iii) sharing spiritual experience with others, aap japo avraa naam japaavo In conformity with these fundamentals, whereas the author explains the technique of prayer and effort, he shares his achievements in the spiritual field with others and has given vent to the thoughts and ideals which were revealed unto him in his communion with The ‘Divine.

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