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Bhagat Namdev – God’s Own Voice (English Graphic Novel)


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A young voice chimed in the darkness. It repeated God’s name with love and devotion. The boy’s parents were surprised to witness such strong faith at such a tender age. But little did they know that their son Namdev was no ordinary boy. Namdev was the son of a poor tailor couple, yet his spirit was divinely connected to God Almighty. He tirelessly uttered God’s wisdom and teachings from his mouth, and spread the word of God with dedication.

Namdev matured into a young man, and began a family life according to his parents’ wishes. However, his heart and mind remained fixated upon the benevolent Lord. His urge to accumulate spiritual knowledge, and his persistence to find God in each living being led him to many places all over India.

Eventually transforming into a great saintly figure, Bhagat Namdev became associated with many wondrous miracles that further glorified his divine status. Rebuked by the high-caste Brahmins, and even repeatedly threatened with death by the Sultan of Delhi, Bhagat Namdev’s voice did not cease to advocate his pious beliefs. The bhagat spoke fearlessly, and encouraged people to keep their thoughts focused upon God.

Bhagat Namdev was the voice of the poor, he was the voice of the oppressed, he was the voice of God.

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ISBN: 97882887799
No of Pages: 32
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Publisher: Sikh Comics
Year Published: 2018

Author Details
Full Name: Rerveen Gill / Daljeet Singh Sidhu


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