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Bhagat Puran Singh – The Tireless Savior Comic (English Graphic Novel)


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He was the God of the homeless and deprived, serving the sick and handicapped unconditionally. Inspired by his mother and Sikhism, Bhagat Puran Singh battled for the rights of humanity, hope and love – his only weapons.

Born as Ramji to parents Mehtab Kaur and Chaudhry Chibu Mal, Bhagat Puran Singh had shown signs of compassion and care from a very young age. Deeply influenced by his mother’s pious and loving nature, the bhagat learned to love all living beings and ensure that those lesser fortunate than him were looked after with utmost devotion. Bhagat Puran Singh discontinued his studies after failing twice in the matriculation examination. This was a major turning point in the bhagat’s life, as God led the gentle and noble soul towards greater things in life.

Upon the brink of adulthood, Bhagat Puran Singh found solace in the Sikh faith and decided to embrace the religion and was baptized with Amrit. Within a few years, the bhagat’s mother passed away, leaving him alone and forlorn. The devout son had promised his mother that he would never marry and have children of his own, and would wholeheartedly focus his efforts upon the care of the destitute.

One day, outside Gurdwara Dera Sahib in Lahore, he found a greater purpose in life that would propel him to take on the care of many more sick and handicapped souls. It was Piara, a boy who was physical and mentally handicapped. A journey that spanned many years, beginning in Lahore and continuing to Amritsar, defying the harsh days of the partition, eventually led to the establishment of Pingalwara, a home for the needy and destitute.

Bhagat Puran Singh came to be known as a saint and savior. His tireless efforts brought light into the dark lives of many. His solid determination led to the establishment of several branches of Pingalwara in India and the rest of the world. There was not a moment’s rest as Bhagat Puran Singh strived to achieve the unthinkable. His faith in God and his devotion to mankind made him invincible.

In the words of the great man himself, ‘I believe God is always with me, that is why I never hesitate to take on any kind of work

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ISBN: 9789382887843
No of Pages: 30
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Publisher: Sikh Comics
Year Published: 2020

Author Details:
Full Name: Terveen Gill / Daljeet Singh Sidhu


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