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Birth of The Khalsa


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Guru Gobind Singh was the ideal of all the Indian who loved freedom. He always stood for the whole humanity and worked for the upliftment of the downtrodden people irrespective of their religion sect, race or caste.

He Stood for secularism and never performed a single act which was parochial in character. He used the words Hindustan and Hindustanis in his writing and not Punjab and Punjabis.

He fought battles risking his life, sacrificing his father, his son and in fact, everything for the nations honour. He stood for national unity and emotional integration of the Indian people.

The democratic institution created by the Guru, Showed new paths to the human race having faith in the democratic ideals.

The Guru created the Khalsa, transferring sovereignty to the poor and needy of our country.

The book fulfils a longfelt need of student of history and common man alike.

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