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Coconut & Vanilla Wax


For the distinguished gentleman with impeccable class & Style
our Coconut & Vanilla Moustache Wax will allow you to shape and style your beloved moustache to your heart’s content.

Treat your ‘Mo’ and give it the best look all day long with this strong, yet practicable Moustache Wax with re-workable hold that will control the most unruly of face whiskers.

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DTF Moustache Wax is an extra firm wax. You can easily keep your favourite  Coconut & Vanilla  Moustache Wax in a pocket close to your body for quick restyling when on the go.

Made with a unique blend of high quality natural and organic beeswax, it’s far more superior  in addition to providing the ultimate hold for your moustache!

This premium mo wax is particularly great to tame the most unruly of beards, goatees and sideburns.

Whatever your look, the DTF’s Cedarwood Moustache Wax is the ultimate wax for keeping your mustache in desired shape

Lightly scented with the fragrance of Cedar, the subtle aroma of this moustache wax will not over power your senses.

Natural beeswax, tea tree oil, Jojoba oil, essential oil, jelly, Coconut oil, pine sap, Vanilla oil
Contents: 60g / 2oz

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