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Folk Music of Punjab Vol 2 Music Today label


Music Today
1,  Puran.   Excerpt from the folk epic Puran Bhagat
2. Dachi Waleya Mor Muhar Wey.    Love Song
3, Sohni Kandhet Tey Khalokey.  Excerpt from Ballan  Sohi Mahiwal
4, Supne – ich Rani Ichharaan. Excerpt from the folk epic  Puran Bhagat
5, Ho Jind Mahey Ambiyaan tey oye.  Jindua
6, Heer di Kali.   Heer Ranjaha
7, Ho Meri Sammi.  Excerpt from ballad Dhol Sammi
8, Heer.  Excerpt from the original  Heer Ranjha  by Waris Shah
9, Chaalla.  Love song
10, Lat Khulli ni Punjaban Teri  Love Song

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