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History, Literature, And Identity;: Four Centuries of Sikh Tradition


This book examines the entire range of Sikh sacred literature produced between the sixteenth- and nineteenth century to give a comprehensive account of the Sikh tradition. Divided into five parts, it discusses the historical context of the production of Sikh literature and also the development of Sikh identity.

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The first part of the book (1500-1605) explores the compositions of the first five Gurus and the next analyses the literary genre characterizing the ‘phase of confrontation’ with the state (1606-75).

The third (1675-1708) reveals how Sikhism responded to the external threats and the fourth part (1765-1849) discusses Guru Gobind Singh and literature produced during the period of Khalsa Raj.

The last deals with works which have gained entry into the Sikh panth during the colonial period.

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