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Infinite Inspiration Biography of Mrs Balwant Kaur Soor


What would be the probability of anyone finding a rare gem that lay hidden?

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This biography attempts to reveal just such a rare gem, Bibi Jee, a woman ‘Brahm-Giani’.
The gem who stayed anonymous in the ocean of people around her.

The gem, whose invaluable humble teachings, guidance and discreet support attracted the masses to search for her.

 The gem, who for our inability to recognise her rare attributes and humble demeanour allowed her to remain inconspicuous, However, like the scent of the rose, Bibi Jee’s teachings exemplified by her way of life, permeated so uniquely to each individual who met and came to know her.

 Her message, passed on with succinct simplicity, of one’s higher purpose to find an even rarer gem (Waheguru) with the grace of the Guru Sahib and in presence of the Sadh Sangat. Like the thorns on the rose, life presented her with hardship which she endured happily, accepting every one of them as God’s will for her.

The arduous journey of life taken on by this Brahm-Giani with unfaltering faith, instils one with nothing less than Infinite Inspiration.

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