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This book is divided into FIVE PARTS.

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This book is divided into FIVE PARTS.

The FIRST part gives complete information about the alphabets.

How to begin and how to end the letters in writing has been given in the form of diagrams. The SECOND part deals with Hindi words. In Hindi the vowel (a) is not pronounced in certain words.

So we have given pronunciation for the words in this chapter. This chapter contains the names of common commodities and the names of animals, birds etc.

If this chapter is mastered one can form sentences using these words and converse freely in Hindi. From the THIRD part one can learn to form sentences.

From the sentences containing three or four words that are given and also from those given in the form of questions and answers.

The FOURTH part deals with grammar and contains rules regarding number, gender, case ending etc.

The FIFTH part consists of short stories letter writing and glossary of Words in Alphabetical order so as to enable the learners to get a knowledge of the rudiments of the language.

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