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Morning Ragas Music Today (Four Vol Set)


This is now rare and a collectors collection a compilation of 4 Audio  CDs Morning Ragas in Classical vocal and instrumental is an amazing collocation
Vol One
1,Raga Lalit  Rajan and Sajan Mishra  vocal
2, Raga Bhairav  Shahid Parvez  Sitar
3, Raga Ahir Bhairav  Shruti Sadolikar  Vocal

Vol Two
1 Raga Bhatoyar  Pandit Jasraj  Vocal
2, Raga Vibhas Shruti Sadolikar  Vocal
3, Raga Mian Ki Todi  Amjad Ali Khan  Sarod

Vol Three
1, Raga Jaunpuri  adma Talwalkar  Vocal
2, Raga Bilaskhani Todi  Amjad Ali Khan  Sarod
3, Raga Desi Todi  Hariprasad Chaurasia  Flute

Vol Four
1, Raga Kukubh Bilawal  Malikarjun Mansur  Vocal
2, Raga Deskar  Shaid Parvez  Sitar
3, Raga Bhairavi  Padma Talwalkar  Vocal

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