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Tabla Tutor is an innovative manual designed for anyone with or without a musical background  wanting to learn the fascinating rhythms of Tabla.The manual accompanied by a DVD  (2Hrs 45 Mins)  of all the lessons being played. it is a two year course (beginner to intermediate level) aimed at students of any age.Tabla tutor includes:Over 100 Practical lessonsTaals include:Taal Kehrava, Taal Dadra, Teen Taal, Rupak Taal and Ek Taal.Composition types include:  Theka, Theka prakars, Lagee, Laree, Taura, Uttaan, Peskar, Kayda,Paltas, Tihai,Gat,Tukra,Dupali, Paran, Farmaishi Chakradar Paran, RelaBite Size precise theoretical explanations of compositions.Counting exercises: Ek gun, Du Gun, Tee Gu and Chau-gun weekly layout of sessions with steady progression throughout.Performance sequences write and played DVDIn Depth research on history and evolution of Tabla.The history and family trees  of the six prominent Gharanas.A new easy to read notation grid.

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