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Shabads-Music-Moods Mere Mun 8 CD’s Set


This compilation of 8-CD-Box with a 194 page booklet, A most amazing document of the art and science of Gurmat Sangeet, sacred music sung and played according to a powerful technology given by the Sikh Gurus.

It features recordings of 59 compositions in 59 of the 60 rágas, featured in Siri Guru Granth Sahib, the sacred scripture of Sikh Faith. A rága is a musical framework of a designed scale and affiliated rules.

Every composition in such a rága will evoke a characteristic mood in listener and performer providing a deeper level of experience of the Guru’s teaching.

This can also be applied for healing purposes. The booklet gives translations of all shabads (hymns) and descriptions of all rágas. It is a priceless treasure for every student of Sikh music and traditional Indian music.

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