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Sikh Ethnonationalism


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Purewal offers some answers to these questions, using the political economy approach – a welcome departure from the many chauvinistic interpretation of Sikh ethnicity and the Punjab problem.

He Shows how he interests of Sikh capitalist farmers have largely shaped post-independence Sikh politic. The rise of Sikh ethnonationalism is seen as the result of the struggle for domination between Sikh capitalist their complete hegemony over the home market of Punjab, and the largely Hindu industrial bourgeoisie of India.

The political economocy of predatory smuggling and urban mafia, produced a dangerous alliance of  a Godmen and Goons  in the state.

The illerate and semi-literate Sikh youth of marginal and landless families were lured to a life of instant riches by the criminal underworld. However, the massive use of the states coercive apparatus, along with the inability of the Kulaks to make any headway to broaden their front among Sikhs of all classes, eliminated the force of the Kulak brigades in the early 1990s, bringing an end to the violent outburst of Sikh Ethnonationalism.


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ISBN: 9780195651805
No of Pages: 215
Format: Hardback
Language: English
Publisher: OUP
Year Published: 2000

Author Details
First Name: Shinder
Last Name:  Purewal


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