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Sri Dasam Granth Sahib Translation (3 Vol set)


The Dasam Granth connotes “The Book of the Tenth Guru” of the Sikhs, Sri Guru Gobind Singh, a great reformer, litterateur, spiritual leader and unparalleled warrior.

After the compilation of the Dasam Granth by the Tenth Guru, it was called Chhotta Granth (the Younger Book) as compared to the Adi Granth (Guru Granth Sahib) which was called Wadda Granth (The Elder Book).

Dasam Granth consists of religious compositions of Guru Gobind Singh The Translation is compiled in three volumes each page in two columns The Gurmukhi text in original text the same in Roman transliteration and the translation of the same lines across in the next column.

Author: Surinder Singh Kohli
Yr Pub: 2003
Hardbound in 3 volumes Total number of pages 1740

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