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Sri Gur Panth Prakash (2 Vol Set)


Sri Gur Panth Prakash is perhaps the most influential document in Sikh history. Bhai Rattan Singh Bhangu was the first Sikh historian who found his family chronicles intimately intertwined with the history of a nation. He lived at a time when an era was fast receding into oblivion.

Volume 1 (Episodes 1 – 81)
Volume 2 (Episodes 82 – 169)

2 Volume Set, not sold individually.

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Book Details

ISBN:  9788172055288
No of Pages: (Ep 1 – 81) 529 (Ep 82 -169) 858
Format: Hardbound
Language: English
Publisher: Institute of Sikh Studies
Year Published: 2006

Author Details
First Name: Rattan Singh
Last Name:  Bhangoo


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