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Sri Gur Panth Prakash : History of the Rise and Spread of the Khalsa Panth (Set Of 2. Vol’s)


The present work is born out of the eagerness of the British colonizers to know whether the Sikh political power was legitimate.
It was not an academic question with them. The use of the then popular theory of sovereignty as an aid to the expansion of the British East India Company controlled territory was the obvious motive.
Sensing that danger, Rattan Singh took upon himself the task of upholding the legitimacy of Sikh political power.
He begins by reiterating the basic Sikh theory of polity.
It must be considered authentic because it is in accord with the religious text. Coming from Bhangu,
who himself belonged to the ruling aristocracy; it perhaps also represents the thought of that section on the subject.

Author: Rattan Singh Bhangu

ISBN: 81-7205-528-5
Edition(s): Feb-2021 / 2nd
Pages: 1220
Translator: Gurtej Singh


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Sri Gur Panth Prakash is perhaps the most influential document in Sikh history.

Bhai Rattan Singh Bhangu was the first Sikh historian who found his family chronicles intimately intertwined with the history of a nation. He lived at a time when an era was fast receding into oblivion.

What he wrote has had an unimaginable influence on the generations coming after him. He wrote only when he felt that by doing so, he would also serve the interests of his people for whom his forefathers had made a superhuman effort. He wrote history with a purpose: he wanted the truth, as he knew it to be preserved without being distorted by motivated persons inspired by inimical thought and alien inclinations. He remained faithful to the theme he had chosen to elaborate.

When he lived the medieval ages were casting off their slough. His father was present at the battle for Sirhind in 1763 which event inaugurated a new era in the history of India and Afghanistan. Times were changing fast and much information was becoming irrelevant equally fast.

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