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The Other Sikhs Vol One


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The Sikhs are universally respectful and proud of their Gurus intimate contact with eastern Indian, representing the territories of Assam, Bengal and Orissa under British rule. It is debated however, whether the gurus disciples are generally aware of how the panthic message has been transmitted and perceived over the centuries in this part of the country. Their comparative lack of enthusiasm may be partly due to the bulky nature of these sources as well as the difficulty of having them together in a public library or ant single private collection. These materials are in regional languages and carry a distinct local flavour, differing significantly from those of the manjhamalwadoaba watershed. Their identification and appreciation is likely to enrich out understanding of Sikhism in the wider context of the Indian unity and diversity.The present study seeks to deal with some of these interesting issues recorded in three eastern Indian languages namely, Assamese, Bengali and Oriya publisher over a century between the first Sikh War and the partition of India.

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