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The Warrior Princess Volume Two


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It was a time of war, a time when the evil Mughals ruled the land. The Khalsa had won many battles, but now they must face their darkness hour. Relive the emotion and adventures through the eyes of four warrior princesses. Guru Gobind Singh, his family and the Khalsa army were trapped in the fort of Anandgrah. In this first story the warrior princess Bibi Dalir Kaur hold the fort while guru and the Khalsa hade for the river. The Guru was separated from his family. Following the story of Bibi Harsarn Kaur and how she gave everything for the honour of the oldest sons. The third courageous story follows the tragic betrayal of the Gurus younger sons and their grandmother Mata Gujri After the river crossing. Finally, in the final story Mai Bhago the most famous of all warrior princesses led from the front and inspired the forty deserters back to glory

ISBN: 9781903863015
Author: Harjit Singh
Year Pub: 2003
Pages: 108
Binding: Hardback

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