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Bhagat Kabir


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For many years, Bhagat Kabir remained without a guru. However, his pious determination led him to Saint Ramanand. As time progressed, the saint himself became deeply influenced by Bhagat Kabir’s wisdom and teachings, and thus became the bhagat’s follower. The bhagat composed many shabads that professed the greatness of God Almighty, and educated people to discard their beliefs in unfounded rituals and superstitions.

Emperor Sikander Lodhi considered Bhagat Kabir an enemy of Islam. Many murderous attempts were made upon the bhagat’s life. Yet God’s grace shielded Bhagat Kabir from harm every time. The bhagat’s belief that there was no greater Power and Protector than God Himself was truly reflected in these divine miracles.

The upper caste Hindus also resorted to numerous tricks to demean the status of Bhagat Kabir. However, their harsh words and conniving ways only led the bhagat towards proving that his spiritual status was divine and unmatched.

Bhagat Kabir preached God’s name and shabad throughout the country, and amassed a large following. In the last days of his life, the bhagat left the comfort of his own home and city to dispel an age-old myth created by the prejudiced Brahmins. So selfless was this noble saint that as he left this world, his prayers and thoughts remained focused upon the well-being of mankind.

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ISBN: 939382887775
No of Pages: 30
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Publisher: Sikh Comics
Year Published: 2018

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Full Name: Terveen Gill / Daljeet Singh Sidhu


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