Picture of Punjabi Dhol Full Size Pro

Punjabi Dhol Full Size Pro

A full size Standard typical Dhol Drum Pro.

A full size Standard typical Dhol Drum pro

Made from hard wood this dhol is heavy in weight than the standard dhols, is normally used by professional players. 

Comes with black treble head Skin fixed at the treble side by steel ring
fully treated natural skin base head is fixed at the base side with cotton rope.

Dhol is tuned before shipped on oreders. Treble side give high pitch sound and base gives an impact of powerful base sound.

Belt, beaters and bag included in the price

Seasoned and treated light weight knotted, stained shell.

Steel chrome plated tuning sockets nuts & Bolts

Nylon polythene Black wetern treble head.

Treated natural skin base head.

Dhol Dimensions

Treble head 13”
Base head 13”
Body Length 24” to 25” approximately.

Note: image  shown as above is a nearest likeness of the Dhol though it may differ slightly in colour or size.