Picture of Ethnic Phulkari Dupatta   DP2

Ethnic Phulkari Dupatta DP2

Traditional Scarf / Long Stole / Chunni in exquisite design
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Phulkari literally means embroidered with florals, but it has now evolved to refer to a distinctive style of embroidery endemic to the Punjab region.

Few dupattas constitute more of a Punjabi stentorian than this one, featuring extensive phulkari work across the silk, that also in fetching colour combinations.

The bits of mirror stitched into the fabric add the much-needed glamour, which only goes to show how beautifully this piece would complement any outfit, especially a bright Punjabi suit.

These long scarfs has colourful embroidery in Indian ethnic design style from the state of Punjab.

This art is known as Phulkari and looks exquisite due to the vibrancy of colors and geometric patterns.

Semi Chinnon


Size: 86 x 36 inches

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