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Washing your Turbans

Here at DTF we offer a range of Turban fabrics to suit your individual style.
Here is a short guide to keeping your turban fabrics looking and feeling fresh! understand your fabric – full Voile, Rubia voile, and  Mal Mal F74 for best results to keep colours bold and vibrant, wash at cooler temperatures. 
We recommend hand washing and washing colours separately to avoid colour bleed and fade add a few table spoons of vinegar or salt to the wash per Truban. Salt and vinegar you say !
Yes, they act as softening agents and will increase fabric longevity. Don’t worry, there will be no unpleasant odour after washing.
For machine wash we recommend a delicate cycle using non bio detergent.
We recommend air drying, avoiding the sun to prevent colour fade. 
Once dried, gently stretch the fabric to loose fabric fibers, this helps it become easier to tie and style
Wear and tie to your desired style and wait for heads to turn!